2007 ExCEN Working Papers

2007-01Social Barriers to Cooperation: Experiments on the Extent and Nature of Discrimination in Peru
Marco Castillo, Ragan Petrie and Maximo Torero
2007-02Discrimination in the Lab: Experiments Exploring the Impact of Performance and Appearance on Sorting and Cooperation
Marco Castillo and Ragan Petrie
(Revision of 2006-20)
2007-03Inconsistent Choices in Lottery Experiments: Evidence from Rwanda
Sarah Jacobson and Ragan Petrie
2007-04Board structures around the world: An experimental investigation
Ann B. Gillette, Thomas H. Noe and Michael J. Rebello
2007-05Is There A Plausible Theory for Risky Decisions?
James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj, Bodo Vogt and Utteeyo Dasgupta
(Revised as 2008-04)
(Revised as 2010-06)
(Revised as 2012-09)
2007-06Revealed Altruism
James C. Cox, Daniel Friedman and Vjollca Sadiraj
(Revision of 2006-09)
2007-07Discrete Implementation of the Groves-Ledyard Mechanism
J. Todd Swarthout and Mark Walker
2007-08Trust and Reciprocity: Implications of Game Triads and Social Contexts
James C. Cox
(Revised as 2008-08)
2007-09An experimental inquiry into the effect of yardstick competition on corruption
Angelino Viceisza
2007-10Discrimination in the Warplace: Evidence from a Civil War in Peru
Marco Castillo and Ragan Petrie
2007-11Trust in Private and Common Property Experiments
James C. Cox, Elinor Ostrom, James M. Walker, Jamie Castillo, Eric Coleman, Robert Holahan, Michael Schoon and Brian Steed
2007-12On The Preferences of Principals and Agents
Marco Castillo, Ragan Petrie and Maximo Torero