2011 ExCEN Working Papers

2011-01Avoiding the Curves: Direct Elicitation of Time Preferences
Susan K. Laury, Melayne Morgan McInnes, J. Todd Swarthout and Erica Von Nessen
(Revised as 2012-05)
2011-02Cooperating to Resist Coercion: An Experimental Study
Lucy F. Ackert, Ann B. Gillette and Mark Rider
2011-03Are Benevolent Dictators Altruistic in Groups? A Within-Subject Design
Lucy F. Ackert, Ann B. Gillette, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Mark Rider
(Revision of 2009-04)
2011-04Man Versus Nash: An experiment on the self-enforcing nature of mixed strategy equilibrium
Jason Shachat, J. Todd Swarthout and Lijia Wei
(Revision of 2008-07)
2011-05Do Landlords Discriminate in the Rental Housing Market? Evidence from an Internet Field Experiment in U.S. Cities
Andrew Hanson and Zackary Hawley
2011-06Bosses and Kings: Asymmetric Power in Paired Common Pool and Public Good Games
James C. Cox, Elinor Ostrom and James M. Walker
(Revised as 2012-13)
2011-07Paradoxes and Mechanisms for Choice under Risk
James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj and Ulrich Schmidt
(Revised as 2012-08)
(Revised as 2013-08)
(Revised as 2014-01)
2011-08Experimental Methods and the Welfare Evaluation of Policy Lotteries
Glenn W. Harrison
2011-09Can Intertemporal Choice Experiments Elicit Time Preferences for Consumption? Yes
Glenn W. Harrison and J. Todd Swarthout
2011-10Risk Aversion as Attitude towards Probabilities: A Paradox
James C. Cox and Vjollca Sadiraj
2011-11Clocks and Trees: Isomorphic Dutch Auctions and Centipede Games
James C. Cox and Duncan James
(Revision of 2010-01)