Recently Funded Research

Cox, Sadiraj and Schnier, 2010-2013
Collaborative Research: Uptake of Comparative Effectiveness Research: Implications for Discharge Decision, NIH, NIA-1RC4AG039071-01, $1,171,865 (ExCEN’s share $546,813).

Cox and Sadiraj, 2009-2012
Collaborative Research: Asymmetric Power in Paired Common Pool and Public Good Games: Experiments, Institutions, and Behavior, NSF SES-0849590, $329,511

Schnier, 2009-2013
Collaborative Research: The Proper Scale for Environmental Markets with Application to Nitrogen Trading in the Neuse River Basin, NSF BCS-0908679, $199,861

Petrie, 2008-2010
Contracting Out of Poverty: Some Experimental Approaches, Phase II, BASIS CRPS (USAID), $368,000

Petrie, 2007-2008
Contracting Out of Poverty: Some Experimental Approaches, Phase I, BASIS CRPS (USAID), $237,000

Swarthout, 2007-2008
Collaborative Research: Competitive Market Experiments for the Microeconomics Curriculum, NSF DUE-0633008, $79,177

Swarthout and Laury, 2006-2007
Improving Student Learning through the use of Class-based Economics Experiments, GSU RPG Provost grant, $49,000

Cox, 2006-2009
Collaborative Research: IT-Enhanced Market Design and Experiments,  NSF IIS-0527563, $249,979

Cox and Swarthout, 2005-2008
Disseminating Experiments in Economics with the EconPort Digital Library, NSF DUE-0442660, $899,998

Laury, 2002-2006
Choosing Among Risky Alternatives: An Experimental Investigation of the Impact of Insurance Markets on Biases in Decision-Making, NSF, $89,157

Laury, 2001-2007
Game Theory and Social Interactions: A Virtual Collaboratory for Teaching and Research, NSF, $200,348

Petrie, 2005-2006
Ethnic and Social Barriers to Cooperation: Experiments Studying the Extent and Nature of Discrimination in Urban Peru, Inter-American Development Bank, $40,000

Petrie, 2005-2006
Prejudice and the Perpetuation of Differences: Experiments Exploring the Impact of Performance and Appearance on Sorting, GSU Research Initiation, $10,000

Petrie and Laury, 2005-2006
Trusting Appearances and Reciprocating Looks: Experiments on Gender and Race Preferences, GSU Advancement of Women Faculty, $6,000