2013 ExCEN Working Papers

2013-01Auctioning the right to play ultimatum games and the impact on equilibrium selection
Jason Shachat and J. Todd Swarthout
2013-02Tax Incidence: Do Institutions Matter? An Experimental Study
James C. Cox, Mark Rider and Astha Sen
(Revision of 2012-17)
(Revised as 2017-02)
2013-03The Impact of CMS CoP on Kidney Transplant Waiting Times
K.E. Schnier, C. McIntyre, V. Sadiraj, J.C. Cox, T.C. Pearson, A.D. Kirk and N.A. Turgeon
2013-04Characterizing Financial and Statistical Literacy
Amalia Di Girolamo, Glenn W. Harrison, Morten I. Lau and J. Todd Swarthout
2013-05Scoring Rules for Subjective Probability Distributions
Glenn W. Harrison, Jimmy Martínez-Correa, J. Todd Swarthout and Eric R. Ulm
(Revision of 2012-18)
2013-06Status Quo Effects in Fairness Games: Reciprocal Responses to Acts of Commission vs. Acts of Omission
James C. Cox, Maroš Servátka and Radovan Vadovic
(Revision of 2012-03)
(Revised as 2016-01)
2013-07Let Me Vote! An experimental study of vote rotation in committees
R. Bosman, P. Maier, V. Sadiraj and F. van Winden
(Revision of 2006-18)
2013-08Paradoxes and Mechanisms for Choice under Risk
James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj and Ulrich Schmidt
(Revision of 2011-07)
(Revised as 2014-01)
2013-09Higher Quality and Lower Cost from Improving Hospital Discharge Decision Making
James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj, Kurt E. Schnier and John F. Sweeney
(Revised as 2014-07)
(Revised as 2015-02)