2018 ExCEN Working Papers

James C. Cox and Vjollca Sadiraj
2018-02The St. Petersburg Paradox Despite Risk-seeking Preferences: An Experimental Study
James C. Cox, Eike B. Kroll, Marcel Lichters, Vjollca Sadiraj and Bodo Vogt
2018-03Cultural Identities and Resolution of Social Dilemmas
James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj and Urmimala Sen
(Revision of 2017-08)
2018-04Designed to Fail: Effects of the Default Option and Information Complexity on Student Loan Repayment
James C. Cox, Daniel Kreisman and Susan Dynarski
(Revised as 2020-02)
2018-05Moral Costs and Rational Choice: Theory and Experimental Evidence
James C. Cox, John A. List, Michael Price, Vjollca Sadiraj and Anya Samek
(Revision of 2016-02)
(Revised as 2019-02)
2018-06Audit State Dependent Taxpayer Compliance: Theory and Evidence from Colombia
James Alm, James C. Cox and Vjollca Sadiraj
(Revised as 2019-01)
2018-07Do People Bundle Sequences of Choices? An Experimental Investigation
George Ainslie, Glenn W. Harrison, Morten I. Lau, Don Ross, Alexander Schuhr and J. Todd Swarthout
2018-08Eye-Tracking and Economic Theories of Choice Under Risk
Glenn W. Harrison and J. Todd Swarthout
2018-09Smoking and Intertemporal Risk Attitudes
Glenn W. Harrison, Andre Hofmeyr, Harold Kincaid, Don Ross and J. Todd Swarthout