2012 ExCEN Working Papers

2012-01The Independence Axiom and the Bipolar Behaviorist
Glenn W. Harrison and J. Todd Swarthout
2012-02Inducing Risk Neutral Preferences with Binary Lotteries: A Reconsideration
Glenn W. Harrison, Jimmy Martínez-Correa and J. Todd Swarthout
2012-03Status Quo Effects in Fairness Games: Reciprocal Responses to Acts of Commission vs. Acts of Omission
James C. Cox, Maroš Servátka and Radovan Vadovic
(Revised as 2013-06)
(Revised as 2016-01)
2012-04Reduction of Compound Lotteries with Objective Probabilities: Theory and Evidence
Glenn W. Harrison, Jimmy Martínez-Correa and J. Todd Swarthout
(Revised as 2015-04)
2012-05Avoiding the Curves: Direct Elicitation of Time Preferences
Susan K. Laury, Melayne Morgan McInnes, J. Todd Swarthout and Erica Von Nessen
(Revision of 2011-01)
2012-06Private Goods, Public Goods and Common Pools with Homo Reciprocans
James C. Cox
2012-07Probabilistic Risk Attitudes and Local Risk Aversion: a Paradox
Vjollca Sadiraj
2012-08Paradoxes and Mechanisms for Choice under Risk
James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj and Ulrich Schmidt
(Revision of 2011-07)
(Revised as 2013-08)
(Revised as 2014-01)
2012-09Is There A Plausible Theory for Risky Decisions? A Dual Calibration Critique
James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj, Bodo Vogt and Utteeyo Dasgupta
(Revision of 2007-05)
2012-10Asymmetrically Dominated Choice Problems and Random Incentive Mechanisms
James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj and Ulrich Schmidt
(Revised as 2014-02)
2012-11A hidden Markov model for the detection of pure and mixed strategy play in games
Jason Shachat, J. Todd Swarthout and Lijia Wei
2012-12Asset Integration and Attitudes to Risk: Theory and Evidence
Steffen Andersen, James C. Cox, Glenn W. Harrison, Morten Lau, E. Elisabet Rutström and Vjollca Sadiraj
(Revised as 2016-06)
(Revised as 2017-06)
2012-13Provision versus Appropriation in Symmetric and Asymmetric Social Dilemmas
James C. Cox, Elinor Ostrom, Vjollca Sadiraj and James M. Walker
(Revision of 2011-06)
2012-14Do I Care if You Know I Betrayed You?
James C. Cox and Danyang Li
2012-15Organ Donation via Changes in the Default Choice or Allocation Rule
Zackary Hawley, Danyang Li and Kurt Schnier
2012-16Eliciting Subjective Probabilities with Binary Lotteries
Glenn W. Harrison, Jimmy Martínez-Correa and J. Todd Swarthout
(Revised as 2015-05)
2012-17Tax Incidence: Do Institutions Matter? An Experimental Study
James C. Cox, Mark Rider and Astha Sen
(Revised as 2013-02)
(Revised as 2017-02)
2012-18Scoring Rules for Subjective Probability Distributions
Glenn W. Harrison, Jimmy Martínez-Correa, J. Todd Swarthout and Eric R. Ulm
(Revised as 2013-05)