Events and Activities

Throughout the years, ExCEN offers many seminars and hosts professional conferences/meetings to promote research, teaching, and policy applications involving controlled experiments with human decision makers.

ExCEN Distinguished Lecture Series

Experimental Economics Seminars

Throughout the years, ExCEN offers many Experimental Economics Seminars to promote research, teaching, and policy applications involving controlled experiments with human decision makers. Please visit our Experimental Economics Seminars page for more information.

Hosted Professional Conferences and Meeting

ESA 2006

The 2006 International Meetings of the Economic Science Association will be held in Atlanta, GA, USA. The meetings will be hosted by the Experimental Economics Center at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University and by Emory University. The meetings will be located in downtown Atlanta on the Georgia State University campus.


The Scientific Committee of FUR and the Local Organizing Committee from ExCEN and CEAR are delighted to announce that the FUR XV International Conference on the Foundations and Applications of Utility, Risk and Decision Theory is being held at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia USA.


This conference and the resulting papers, presentations, and conversations aim to foment discussion about the theoretical and methodological challenges and payoffs of comparative experimental studies in Latin America. In the process, we seek to foster col-laboration by connecting Latin Americanists with scholars who focus on other regions and/or who employ distinct theoretical and methodological toolkits.

SEA 2010

James C. Cox was President-Elect and 2010 Program Chair of the Southern Economic Association. The 80th annual meeting of SEA was held in Atlanta.

NSF Workshop Series

We are pleased to announce a workshop series on the use of computerized experiments in teaching economics. The use of economics experiments in teaching is becoming increasingly prevalent and there are now substantial data that support the effectiveness of this addition to pedagogic methods. The workshops will provide instructors with hands-on guidance on how to use software to conduct instructional experiments with their students.

The workshops will present online software that is freely available on the EconPort digital library – a digital library containing a large collection of economics educational resources. EconPort was created, beginning in 2002, under a National Science Foundation grant as the microeconomics component of the National Science Digital Library (

The workshops are aimed at disseminating the use of EconPort resources for teaching economics and creating a user community of interested instructors. Use of EconPort is free to both instructors and students.

This workshop series and EconPort are supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Nos. DUE 0442660 and DUE 0226344.

For more information, please visit our NSF Workshop Series page.