NSF Workshop Series

Workshops on Teaching Economics with Computerized Experiments
(supported by the National Science Foundation)

Conducted by James C. Cox, Susan Laury, J. Todd Swarthout and colleagues.

We are pleased to announce a workshop series on the use of computerized experiments in teaching economics. The use of economics experiments in teaching is becoming increasingly prevalent and there are now substantial data that support the effectiveness of this addition to pedagogic methods. The workshops will provide instructors with hands-on guidance on how to use software to conduct instructional experiments with their students.

The workshops will present online software that is freely available on the EconPort digital library – a digital library containing a large collection of economics educational resources. EconPort was created, beginning in 2002, under a National Science Foundation grant as the microeconomics component of the National Science Digital Library (http://www.nsdl.org).

The workshops are aimed at disseminating the use of EconPort resources for teaching economics and creating a user community of interested instructors. Use of EconPort is free to both instructors and students.

This workshop series and EconPort are supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Nos. DUE 0442660 and DUE 0226344.

2006 Atlanta Workshop

2006 San Diego Workshop

2007 Minneapolis Workshop

2007 Bloomington Workshop

2007 Atlanta Workshop

2007 Bratislava Workshop

2008 Atlanta Workshop

2008 Williamsburg Workshop

2008 Fayetteville Workshop

2009 Atlanta Workshop