Internet based software:
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Extensive Form Game

This software supports extensive-form game experiments. A graphical game tree editor allows for the creation of a very wide variety of games. Many options are available, such as alternative subject rematching rules, and the ability to sequence multiple game trees within the same experiment session.

GARP: Consumer Demand and Revealed Preference

This software supports experiments on consumer demand and revealed preference theory.

Normal Form Game

This software allows normal-form game experiments to be conducted over the Internet.  Within an experiment, subjects participate in one or more matches. Each match is a series of one or more stage games.  Several methods of rematching subjects between matches are offered.


This software supports continuous double auction, posted offer, and posted bid market experiments that are conducted over the InternetTwo main types of market environments are currently supported that involve trading abstract commodities or assets.

One-Sided Auctions

This software is designed to test bidding behavior and seller revenue under different one-sided auction mechanisms. It supports the English, Dutch, First Price Sealed-Bid and Second Price Sealed-Bid auction institutions.


Laboratory use software:
(available inthe experimental economics laboratory)

Public Good Software

This software is designed to test public good and voluntary contribution mechanism (VCM) theory.

Tax Compliance

This software is designed to test tax compliance in response to changes in tax rate, audit rate and penalty rate.

Risk Aversion

This software demonstrates how individual risk preferences affect decision-making.  Experimenters can run this experiment with other experiments to assess subjects’ risk preferences.